You want Me to wear What for 9 Months?


Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych!




Before I became a mom, I frowned upon the women who walked around with their babies. They never seemed to put their child down. There was no space. Bez życia. The women who used those baby cloth harnesses, and I’m not referring to a baby Bjorn, but a sling or a Cocoon Wrap, those women had no boundaries. They were different. Dziwne. Granola. I thought they probably disdained using deodorant, burned incense, and camped a lot.Then I realized that they were moms.

Umm . . . I became one of those women.

I never ever expected that I would become a baby wearer.

Ale ja to zrobiłem.

Motherhood began pretty normal for me. I delivered naturally at the hospital. I chose to give cloth diapering a whirl, only because it was different and cheaper. I chose to experience life as a cow (just kidding . . . kind of).I liked this natural life. but I didn’t want it to go any farther into the rabbit hole. My firstborn was a very unhappy child and I became an unhappy mom. I was frustrated at not getting anything done and Mr. Smackdown was frustrated that I was clueless.

Every week I traipsed to a local breastfeeding support group. issue after issue, the lactation consultants kept encouraging me to give my milking profession just two much more weeks. I gave it two weeks, for three months. two bouts of thrush and four mastitis infections later, I finally found contentment, rest, and happiness.

I gave in to this sweet lady that concerned our group every week selling baby slings. Something had to change. I had tried everything else unnatural. Slings looked like a natural solution. Both my baby and I had to become pleased again. It was was still in absolute shock that I wasn’t overjoyed with my new bundle of joy. I had prayed for and waited to meet God’s creation, my son. Mr. Smackdown was a true miracle. I wasn’t expected to have children. but I did, and I was a sad postpartum mom.

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Until I purchased The Sling.

I became a baby wearer and there has been no turning back.

Why wear your baby?

A baby that is held a lot is happier and much more secure.

Mom is pleased because she can get things done and show love to her bambino.

A mother is better able to understand her baby’s body cues and cries because she is near her munchkin and can better decipher wants and desires.

The sling can be used to nurse discretely. If you are new to nursing, you are much more likely to nurse in public, knowing that you are covered. Thus, a pleased and well fed baby.

Slings can be used as a changing pad in the event of an emergency diaper change.

Use the tail of the sling as a tummy time blanket, or as a blanket for nap times.

Newborns fall asleep quicker in a sling. To them, it feels like they are back in Mommy’s womb.

Slings help babies ease gas pressure.

Fussy infants calm down when they are close enough to mother to feel and hear her heartbeat and smell her aroma.

If you decide to become a sling mama–don’t worry, you can wear deodorant! wearing your baby isn’t weird, it’s natural. If your child was in your tummy 9 months, why not wear your baby on the outside at least 9 months? Hey, my practically 5 year old still goes for rides! In fact, my two older children now how nurturing and soothing the sling is to a baby. They will inform me, “Mr. Smiley is crying. You need your sling!”

Powiązane uczenie się korzystania z trenera nocnika

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Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych!



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