Happy 2nd birthday Conan!


Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych!




My little man turns 2 today! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were waiting for his arrival. now he is a big kid and soon to be a big brother too.

Conan has come along way considering that his birth. and he continues unusual us every day.

The story of Our High needs baby and now gifted 2 Year Old

When Conan was a baby he drove us nuts because he refused to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and always needed to nurse. I nursed him around the clock about every half an hour forty-five minutes because he needed the comfort that only mommy could give. I did this for about four months.

At two months Conan was already doing raspberries and by that time I knew that he was not like a lot of children. He continued to surprise us when he was 5 months old. Conan, Ciara and Chris were enjoying a Packer game and Chris was trying to get our 23 month old, Ciara to say, “Go Pack, Go!” She refused to say it but Conan responded, “Go!” His first word was clear as a bell and not what a lot of people would consider baby babble. He continued to add a lot more words to his vocabulary and by the time Conan was a year old he was talking in complete sentences.

We taught him a little sign language and he knows some Spanish, thanks to Dora, Diego and helpful Manny. Our little man loves to sing and dance, is fond of art, and all his books. We are so pleased of Conan and his love for learning.

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We also love his lots of quirks. It is fun to enjoy how obsessed he is with counting. He counts everything from the handles on his grandmother’s dresser, his vegetables on his dinner plate and all the rocks in his rock collection. He is also developing some obsessive compulsive behaviors. ideal now they are cute and we are happy we caught this early.

Conan has to have his seat and table complimentary from crumbs before he will eat his dinner. When he check outs grandma and Grandpa he takes the handles on his Grandma’s dresser and turns them up as he counts each and every one. If Conan is eating a sandwich or a hot pet dog he refuses to finish it if it “falls apart.” We have to put the sandwich back together before he’ll take another bite. If he makes even the smallest spill on the table Conan has to have a towel to clean it up.

He continues to surprise, amaze and make us laugh every day. despite the quirks and his advanced cognitive development we are reminded that Conan is just a two year old kid who loves and follows around his three year old sister, is a challenge to potty train but we got the best bedwetting alarm that informs me if he has an accident at night, loves to go outside and get dirty and play with his automobiles and trucks.

Happy birthday Conan! Kochamy Cię!

Mom, Dad, Courtney and Ciara

Dołącz do społeczności zdrowej mamy

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Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych!




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