HOW TO get through BABY’S first cold


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Our guest today is Brandi from mama knows It All, mother to one grade schooler and one infant, seen below. thanks for sharing your tips, Brandi!

There are a few things that are inevitable when having a baby. No matter what we do, or how hard we try to prevent them, these things are going to happen. First, your baby is going to steal your heart. Second, they’re going to poop. Bardzo. Third, they are going to get sick.

Regardless of how diligent you are about making sure folks wash their hands before they hold your baby, at some point, you’ll notice a little bit of congestion. Their tiny nose will start running, and they’ll sneeze a few times. even before you check their temperature, you’ll know that they’ve caught a cold.

Seeing my baby sick is the worst feeling in the world! watching my little one struggle to breathe as he endured his first cold a few weeks ago broke my heart. since most colds simply need to run their course, I did everything I could to make him comfortable.

After talking to his doctor, I set out to “mama” my boy back to good health. What follows is my hard-earned advice.

These tips are realistic. I know what it’s like to have a baby. We don’t have time to go out to the woods and pick special berries to steep in a tea that we made from an obscure leaf for which we had to go hunting.

You can be a regular mom like me and still help your baby to feel better when he gets his first cold!

Be prepared to breastfeed more often or give extra snuggles.

If you nurse your baby, know that when they have a cold, they’ll want to eat more frequently. They aren’t extra hungry, though. mama is comforting to them, and being close to you makes them feel better. extra snuggles work, too, if you don’t breastfeed.

Put them in warm, soft jammies and change them often.

Babies are naturally hot, but when they contract a cold, they’re extra toasty. Don’t let that fool you. You still want to dress them in pajamas with the feet to keep them warm and comfy. They will probably be sweating a lot, so be sure to change the jammies frequently.

Use non-medicated options to ease their symptoms.

Medicine isn’t the only way to help your little one feel better. After you’ve talked to your doctor, place a lukewarm (not cold) washcloth on their forehead to ease the discomfort of a temperature.

Many times baby has congestion and no fever. turn on a humidifier to add some moisture to the air to make it easier for your little one to breathe.

Apply an ointment like Maty’s All natural baby chest Rub to reduce sniffles. It’s gentle enough to use as needed because it doesn’t have any menthol or petroleum. Instead, it uses eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile to comfort.

Just rub a little on your baby’s neck or chest, and they’ll sleep much better. I even used it on my son’s chest when I noticed a tiny bit of congestion a couple of days ago, and it comforted him enough to finally go down for his nap.

Pro tip: use chest rub on baby’s feet. To naprawdę działa!

Maty’s All natural baby chest Rub is for babies 3 months and older, and is filled with all-natural ingredients. The last thing I want to do when my baby isn’t feeling well is rub him down with a bunch of chemicals. Thankfully, Maty’s is a better-for-baby alternative. (See all the products this brand has to offer new parents >)

Track wet diapers.

One of the side effects of getting a cold is that some babies get dehydrated. Be sure to track their wet diapers. If they need to be changed less than usual, check with your doctor to see what your next steps should be to make sure your little one is getting enough fluids.

There’s nothing worse than a sick baby. know that it’s normal, it happens and you didn’t do anything wrong. Your presence along with these tips are sure to help your sweetie feel better in no time.

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